Project Description

NEAT Burger

NEAT Burger is a modern brand built around delicious, planted based original-recipe burgers.

The Brand

Neat Burger was founded in 2019 and is flavour-filled fun.
Serving a limited plant-based menu of all the right things, they will have a positive impact on both your stomach and the environment.
Neat Burger works in association with Beyond Meat and The Eden Projects. For every product sold, a tree is planted – so your positive impact is doubled with every purchase! Ethical, sure – but predominantly delicious!
Partner, and brand ambassador, Lewis Hamilton  has  been a strong advocate of replacing meat with plant-based products for years – further proof that plant-based is the future!

Our Work

Presman & Colard was instructed by NEAT Burger to develop their highly successful brand into a global restaurant franchise.
The concept is the world’s first flexitarian fast-food chain with modern aesthetic to attract all generations.
From plant-based packaging, through to food – Neat Burger aims to change the stigma of plant-based cuisine. With brand backing including F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, this brand has huge expansion plans ahead.

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