Business Expansion UK 

Tips And Strategies For Quick Business Expansion in the UK

Business expansion refers to the process of expanding the existing business to a larger client base or new geographic regions. It means improving your employee strength, building new production facilities, introducing a new product, getting into a franchise business, buying an existing business, or entering into a niche market. Business expansion enables business owners to gain more market share and grow bigger.

What is a Business Expansion Strategy?

To define it, a business expansion strategy involves a set of tasks and techniques that help your business advance toward growth. As mentioned above, people approach business expansion differently. Regardless of how your business expansion plan is, there are multiple factors to be considered before you decide on it.
Having a well-thought-out business expansion strategy is necessary to increase the chance of success through business expansion. In this blog, you can read about the top three ways of business expansion and tips to get it right.


Diversification is one of the common growth strategies for finding new revenue streams and enabling business growth. Not only does diversification promote business growth, but also helps to minimize risks. There are multiple approaches possible in diversification such as geographical, horizontal, vertical, related or unrelated, etc. Deciding when and how to diversify requires detailed market research and prototype testing.

International Growth

Global expansion occurs when an organization that involves entering new markets outside its home country. If done right, it is a lucrative opportunity to increase profits and enable faster business growth. By diversifying your markets to international markets, you can achieve better business stability as your business does not rely just on one place’s economic stability. Having a well-thought-out growth strategy is important before you enter into global markets.

Expand Product Line

Another common strategy for business expansion is by adding new products or services to the existing categories. You can either expand your offerings with items that complement the current product line or include new categories of products. It will help your business reach new customers and grow business quickly.

Tips To Do Business Expansion Right

Research and Development

Before you plan for market expansion, it is important to invest in research and development. You can either build an in-house team for research and development or hire an external agency for the purpose. It will help you determine the expansion ideas that have the highest potential for success. Moreover, it lets you understand whether your expansion plans are pragmatic and realistic. If you are falling short on market research, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Do The Due Diligence

No matter which expansion strategy you are planning to adopt, a due diligence check is inevitable. It will help you understand the pros and cons of your expansion strategy. Also, it enables all stakeholders to get a clear picture of the expansion plans and growth projections.

Get Experts on Board

Business expansion is a big step for any organization, regardless of its size. Hence it requires a pragmatic approach and robust plan on how to go ahead. Having an expert consultant for business expansion can make the whole process easier, more effective, and quick. They will help you recognize the pitfalls in business expansion and how you can skillfully avoid them.

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We offer a tailored, integrated and all inclusive approach to develop and expand franchise systems.

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Presman & Colard has a trained team managing a wide portfolio of investors and operating groups of whom are actively looking for the next franchise investment.

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