“We can help you grow, structure and develop your business through franchising and strategic partnerships”

Who We Are

Presman & Colard is a full-service, end-to-end industry-leading franchise, and licensing consultancy, with real-life practical experience in not only developing franchise systems but implementing and expanding them in over 26 different countries.
As a group, our Founders have sold over 580 franchise licenses for over 75 different brands and have established themselves in the marketplace as industry specialists in international expansion and growth, with a primary focus in the UK, MENA and South East Asia.
In conjunction with working with Franchises, we have developed a strategy that allows us to advise any SME on global expansion. Over the past two years, we have advised over 60 businesses on their suitability and how to integrate within international markets. The forefront of the Global SOV Strategy is happening in Saudi Arabia, where our team is advising the Governments and SMEs on how to build their business. Our advice spans Website Marketing, Initial Strategy, P&L, Cash Flow mentorship to how to reinvest their deals to help allow start-ups to build lucrative international businesses.

Our Clients

We work exclusively with over 75 brands, global and domestic, to ensure we can offer our investors and clients the best investment and brand acquisition available on the market.

Our Solutions

We offer a tailored, integrated and all inclusive approach to develop and expand franchise systems.

Presman & Colard will help you complete all the requirements and processes in order to develop your brand into a successful franchise model.
Our consultants will help you structure your corporate governance in order to protect your IP and Trademarks along the franchise journey.
From local marketing for particular regions, online social media and also nationwide and global marketing campaigns for larger scale announcements.
Our expertise lies within franchising and business expansion throughout the UK and GCC Regions. Our teams have local and international knowledge in order to grow your brand internationally.
We tailor all our client’s investment criteria and match it with the most suitable investment opportunity. This also includes M&A, Angel Investing and Fund Management.
Presman & Colard has a trained team managing a wide portfolio of investors and operating groups of whom are actively looking for the next franchise investment.

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