Charcoal Tandoor Grill

Soho Hospitality proudly presents Charcoal, where delicious kebabs are suffused with all the authentic aromas and secrets of traditional tandoori cooking, delivered in a sleek, modern, vibrant and social environment.

From India’s Northwestern frontier, Charcoal brings classic cuisine to the modern metropolis. Here, the kebabs are king. Pulled off the appetizers menu and brought centre stage, these skewers of tender meat, vegetables and paneer are cooked to perfection in authentic clay ovens.

Charcoal Tandoor Grill and Mixology is a new concept in Indian dining. Since its opening in November 2014, the restaurant has received global critical acclaim, with feature articles in the Boston Globe and Wallpaper* Magazine. In May 2015, Soho Hospitality received an Asia Pacific Property Award in the category of Leisure Interiors Thailand for the restaurant’s design.

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