PINZA! presents an unparalleled franchise opportunity, fuelled by our reputation as one of the top-rated pizzerias in Dubai.

Our concept was born from the desire to solve the issue of post-pizza bloating through our ingenious flour formula and the use of 80% hydration, a significant departure from traditional pizza dough. We strived to create a crispy, bubbly crust that leaves you feeling great after indulging in our pizza.

When you become a PINZA! franchisee, you gain access to our cutting-edge AI technology and digital training manuals, revolutionising the way you train your team and scale the PINZA! brand in your franchise territory. Our AI-powered training materials ensure consistent and efficient training, empowering you to deliver a seamless PINZA! experience to your customers while driving business growth.

Furthermore, we leverage AI to optimise our online presence and expand our delivery outreach. By harnessing the power of technology, we engage customers effectively, surpassing our competitors in customer engagement and setting new industry standards. Our retention rate with online aggregators stands among the highest in the market, with nearly 70% of our customers returning to order again, a testament to the exceptional quality and satisfaction we deliver.

As we expand, our focus is on selling franchises in the UK/Ireland and USA, with a strategic emphasis on the dine-in experience supplemented by a robust online delivery option. This dual approach allows you to cater to a diverse customer base, providing a welcoming ambiance for those who prefer dining in, while also reaching convenience-driven customers who opt for online delivery.

By joining the PINZA! franchise family, you tap into a proven business model that combines culinary excellence, AI-driven operations, and a customer-centric approach. Together, we can revolutionise the pizza industry, capturing the hearts of customers in the UK/Ireland and USA while driving your franchise's success.

Contact us now to seize this exceptional franchise opportunity and embark on an exciting journey of serving delicious PINZA! pizzas, enhancing customer satisfaction, and redefining the dine-in and online delivery experience in your territory.

Send a free enquiry to Presman & Colard for further information on this exciting opportunity

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