Smoky Boys

The Smoky Boys concept is all about great meat and big flavours. To create its wide variety of delicious food, it only uses premium cuts of Angus beef to gourmet grills and the best British lamb or chicken that it can find.

Smoky Boys is committed to helping each franchisee become profitable through a combination of hard work, great marketing and excellent food. The brand is operating a quickly growing portfolio of stores including Wandsworth, BOXPARK Wembley, BOXPARK Croydon, Kensington High Street, Amersham, Hounslow, Watford, Castleford, St Albans, West Drayton and more.

As of 2023, Smoky Boys is operating a very successful portfolio of 10+ restaurants with franchisees across the UK, with an anticipated 5 further openings this year.

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