Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken - a simply lip licking flavour!

Southern fried chicken was born in the 70's, from just a simple recipe with the belief in fresh herbs and spices. The original southern fried chicken evolved into the best tasting crispy chicken in the market with a hint of lemon pepper to give that unique taste which is what we are famous for. Southern fried chicken grew through small outlets and lower square footage premises to create a very quick return on investment in as little as 6 months.

Becoming a franchisee provides you the opportunity to join an existing globally recognised brand with 200+ operating restaurants in 24 countries! By joining the Southern Fried Chicken brand you become part of a community network and are granted access to tried and tested business systems, processes, products, training and support (from the ‘franchisor’) in exchange for a fixed fee.

Southern Fried Chicken uses succulent real fresh chicken, marinated to give flavour the whole way through. It’s coated in breading made from a unique blend of herbs, spices and our exclusive lemon pepper flavour. We provide uniformity worldwide, ensuring the same great taste is spread across the world, with our hearty portions, good service, fair prices and a multi-choice menu. 

Whether its the UK, Caribbean, Spain, Africa or anywhere around the World; Southern Fried Chicken can adapt to the market and be an instant hit with the locals.

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